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Mold, dust mites, and chemical fumes found in vent and duct systems can expose you to health hazards. Florida Mold Corp has the expertise, contemporary technologies, and licenses to effectively clean and treat your air conditioning systems. During a standard duct treatment service, any dirt or plaster dust in your ducts will be cleaned. The FMC duct treatment service providers will make sure that any mildew or bacteria that might be present in your vent has been removed. Additionally, air duct treatment will prevent the development of bacteria, fungi, and parasites for around six months. Only trained professionals can perform such a flawless air duct treatment, and the Florida Mold Corp is the ideal business.

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Our certified Mold Remediation Specialists (MRS) are available around the clock to offer professional mold assessment.

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Getting your air duct cleaned and treated from FMC gives you fresh breathable air that helps you avoid any respiratory health hazards. We are fully licensed and certified in air duct mold inspection and treatment, therefore rest assured our services will leave your air conditioning system sparkling clean. Our air duct cleaning technicians team have years of experience and they will perform the whole job with utmost professionalism. At the end of the air duct cleaning procedure by FMC, you will end up having your air conditioning system clean, with a better airflow rate. Additionally, we accomplish an exceptionally high level of cleaning without contaminating your house or damaging your ducts.

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Mold Assessment & Treatment FAQs

Mold thrives where there’s high humidity and plenty of moisture in the atmosphere. Florida exhibits both, thus the high growth of mold in the state.
In most cases, you won’t need any special criteria of telling that you have a mold infestation. That’s because they appear in plain sight as green or dark spots. If the growth is in a hidden area such as the air duct, you will feel it in the air. That’s why you should let Florida Mold Corp do mold assessments and treatment on your property regularly.
We’re more than glad to assist! We work with insurance firms and therefore understand the process and requirements to launch a claim and have the best repayment possible.
Attics, crawl spaces, and other areas that are not conditioned regularly are ideal environments for mold growth. Unconditioned places suffer from a lack of cooling or heating. Condensation occurs frequently in these spaces during the entire year, which promotes the growth of mold. Underground areas are almost perfect places for mold to thrive.

Will mold reappear after treatment has been completed?

Adhere to the following recommendations to stop mold from returning:

Maintain Your Respiratory Health and Property’s Aesthetics

Do not let mold infestation ruin your property’s beauty or expose you to respiratory health hazards. Let our qualified and licensed Mold Related Service Remediators (MRSR) offer you peace of mind. Our top-notch mold assessment and treatment services are available around the clock. Call us today!
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