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Mold Assessment and Duct Treatment Specialists in Florida

Florida Mold Corp is licensed in the State of Florida to offer mold assessment, mold remediation and duct treatment services. With highly qualified and certified mold remediation specialists (MRS), we have the expertise to provide quality mold assessment, removal, air duct treatment, and water damage restoration.

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How Can FMC Help You Eradicate Mold?

Mold Assessment & Removal Services

We assess the extent of mold infestation to create the most effective treatment plan.

Duct Treatment Services

Our experts will identify and treat all mold on your vent & duct, and air conditioner systems.

Water Damage Restoration Services

We will identify and restore all water damages such as overflows, broken pipes, or leaky appliances.

What Makes Us Florida’s Most Trusted

When you choose FMC for mold assessment, you will not need another company for AC mold treatment. We are licensed in both to offer full package mold treatment services in Florida.

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