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We have a two-step mold assessment and remediation process that aims to eliminate toxic mold build-up on your property. Mold assessments warn you of the presence of mold within your residential, business, or rented property. Experienced mold inspectors search for indications of excessive moisture, water leaks, and active infections when they evaluate your house. FMC uses contemporary assessment and treatment technology to effectively remove mold from your home or business property.

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Our certified Mold Remediation Specialists (MRS) are available around the clock to offer professional mold assessment.

Why Choose Our Mold Assessment Services?

At FMC, we have to keep your residential properties and commercial buildings free from mold. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to offer mold inspection and mold remediation services in Florida to keep you free of health hazards and property damage. With our mold assessment service, you will get reliable results and a quality investigation from one end to another. None of your hidden spots will get missed with the FMC mold assessment service. The best mold examination and treatment are provided by FMC’s qualified professionals.

Benefits of Getting FMC Mold Assessment Services?

Mold Assessment FAQs

An examination or evaluation of real estate property that might have mold buildup, situations that encourage molding, or any combination of these is referred to as a mold assessment.  Mold assessment required a multi-step method for figuring out whether there is any mold present and how bad of an issue it is. Finding the origin and site of the mold is done through assessment.
There is no defined schedule or frequency for cleaning and treating your air ducts. However, it will generally depend on your respiratory health status. If you or someone within the property has allergies or asthma, FMC recommend that you do duct assessment and treatment every two to three months.
Our mold assessment technicians are mobile and always have a van. We cover a wider geographical region in the entire city of Melbourne and neighboring Orlando, Florida.
The level of mold infestation can be mild or severe. Either way, the best way to determine the rates is by doing an assessment. FMC experts can assess your property and share a free estimate with you. Contact us today for a mold assessment and treatment.
Once the water has entered your house or place of business, mold development can start within the first 48 hours. If you do not remove the mold it will quickly spread to other parts of a house, which could result in health issues and costly home repairs. You might have to reconsider purchasing a property if it has mold issues of any type.

Start Your Journey to Mold-Free Environment With FMC

Whether it is your home, business, or vehicle, our mold-related service specialists have the skills, technology, insurance, and license to effectively assess and remove mold on your property. Contact us now to get started!
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